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Wedding Guide: How to Choose Wedding Packages

The next step after an engagement is planning the wedding and wedding packages will help you fit everything into your budget so you can have the best day of your life. You can make a wish list that will narrow down where you would like the ceremony and the reception to take place.  The best way to start is to find a place that offers wedding packages so you can choose the right one for your special occasion without hurting your savings.

1. Ask about the All-Inclusive Packages When Doing Venue Touring

As with all major events, planning and research are the essential activities for you to accomplish. When checking out the venue, you should always ask the right questions, which should include all-inclusive wedding packages. These packages can make your wedding plans much more uncomplicated. Affordable wedding packages can even include some complementary pieces, which can help you save time, effort, and money. While the items vary from one venue to another, along with the caterer and the supplier, you have the opportunity to save on certain things, such as wine, carpeting, chairs, and tables.

2. Ask if Your Wedding Packages Can Be Customized

Customized wedding packages

Some packages are set, but there may be some changes that you would like to make. Another thing to inquire about is whether or not you can customize the packages the venue offers.

Many will accommodate your request as long as they are not outrageous. For instance, you may want to add more chairs and tables to fit the number of guests you have. You can also choose to reduce the number. Another example is for the cake, which usually comes with specific choices. Perhaps you can ask the caterer to change the menu just a little bit.

In some places, you can bring your own wine and other drinks. You can also specify the music you want to play. If there are any restrictions, now is the time for you to ask about them.

3. Think about the Budget

What is great about the wedding packages is that they help you stay on top of your budget. The rental fee includes not only the location but also linens, silverware, china, and chair covers. The package will typically consist of different choices of food, and some may even let you hire your own caterer if you think that will suit your budget. Most of the venues will have a meeting with you where you can specify your budget as they help you make plans for your wedding. In this stage, they will create a program and manage the event based on how much you can afford.

4. Don’t Forget to Think about Where Everyone will Stay

For some, it is practical to have the reception venue at the hotel because some wedding packages include rooms for the guests. However, if your chosen location is not at a hotel, you should at least look around and ensure they will have a place to stay at night. As much as possible, pick a hotel that is not far from your selected venue, so they do not have to drive for hours to get to your wedding ceremony and reception. Other things to consider are the parking spaces and the tourist traffic. Also, think about your budget at this point because you need to make reservations for your guests, and that will not be too cheap. 

5. Consider Your Must-Haves Things

The packages will definitely include the food, which is usually presented as elegant buffet meals. Flowers for the bride and groom’s table are vital, as well as your choice of long or round dining tables. Chairs and their covers are a must as well. Aside from food, you need drinks and water, which should be served by well-dressed waiters. A supervisor and food attendants should be on location, too.

When everything is all done, the last thing you want to be worried about is cleanup. The package you choose should also include getting rid of the trash and other uneaten food. This way, you end the night tired yet happy and fulfilled.


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