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6 Marriage Trends That Emerged When It Was New Normal

The period of adaptation to new habits certainly makes many plans delayed. Starting from planning a trip abroad, to watching concerts in the country, to maybe wedding preparations that have been planned for a long time. Of course, this does not impress those of you who want to get married.

Fortunately, during this time, weddings can be held. However, you still have to follow the rules of health. How is the trend of marriage in adaptation to new habits?

1. Virtual Finish Preparation

If you usually hold face-to-face meetings with a wedding organizer, the meetings will be held virtually during the coronavirus pandemic. You and your partner must be ready in front of the smartphone or laptop to “meet” the wedding organizer representative. For the conversation to run smoothly and prepare according to plan, make sure your internet connection is smooth and stable.

2. Intimate Marriage Concept

In addition to meetings with wedding organizers that must be done virtually, you are not as free as before in inviting wedding guests. The reason is, based on the Circular of the Minister of Religion Number 15 of 2002, the maximum wedding invitation can only be 20% of the total room capacity. Also no more than 30 people.

Therefore, the concept of an intimate marriage that is only attended by family and relatives and close friends will be suitable to become a marriage trend in the new normal era. You can invite the immediate family of both parties, as well as your close friends and spouse.

3. Host Live Streaming via Social Media

It’s kind of sad to think of not being able to invite so many people to the wedding. However, to jointly ensure occupational safety and health, you must follow this regulation of the Minister of Religion. Regarding not being able to invite many guests, you can hold live streaming of the marriage contract through the social media of each bride and groom. Let this live streaming event be handled by the wedding organizer team or one of your family.

4. Set up Strict Health Protocol Rules

When the wedding day arrives, make sure you have set up strict health protocols for all guests. Yes, even though those who come are close family and friends, there is nothing wrong with following the prescribed health rules.

5. Sanitation before and after the event

Before entering the venue, every guest present must have their temperature checked. Then, ask guests to wear masks, face shields, or other protective equipment to cover the face area. Given the unfavorable situation, it is better not to shake hands by touching each other’s hands.

Apart from inviting guests to wear masks or face shields, there is nothing wrong if you ask them to bring their hand sanitizers. The invitation to bring hand sanitizers can be included in the invitations that were distributed. If there are guests who forget to prepare a place to wash their hands or a special place for spraying hand sanitizers before guests enter the venue.

6. Try to Choose an Outdoor Place

Given that some time ago there was a transmission of the virus originating from closed and air-conditioned spaces, you should choose an outdoor wedding venue. The location of the wedding that takes place in the open will make it easier for guests to keep their distance from each other. Besides, a large area also allows for better air circulation.

Still related to the venue, you are also advised to set the table in the seated dinner format, not a standing party. Because, if the event is held in a standing party model, the risk of crowd crowds will be much higher.

Your desire to hold a wedding party with new habit adaptations can now be realized. As long as they apply health protocols and keep each other clean, pandemics will no longer be a problem. More importantly, are you ready with the funds for wedding preparation? Even though it is held simply, it still costs a lot of money.


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