How to avoid becoming a Bridezilla


Wedding is a wonderful moment in your life. It is the moment of your life. You have waited for this moment since you were still playing with that Barbie doll. So, it is only make sense that you want to make it memorable. You want to make it perfect. You want it to make it all about you. And it is all fun… until it is not.

It is very very very easy for bride-to-be to get wrapped up in all the madness and excitement during the process of their wedding day. Even the slightest mix-up can break their moods in a split second— the florist messed up with the color of flower arrangements, or the sash of the tiffany chairs didn’t compliment your whole whimsical theme. It seems depressing, but is it really?

Bali Exotic Wedding Team here will give you bride-to-be’s a few suggestions on how to avoid becoming a Bridezilla on your wedding day.

  • You don’t have to impress everyone on your guest list.

Going over your budget to impress your guests is very understandable, but unless you are next in line at The Royal Family, it is not a wise thing to do. Your guests should be jealous of the love you’re celebrating, not the diamond-covered cake on your bridal table.

  • Be flexible.

Sure, you have this imagery of how your wedding day would be since Victoria was still only a Posh Spice, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with that. Willing to make some adjustments here and there on your wedding arrangements will lessen the chance of you becoming Bridezilla more than you thought. Try to be open to new ideas, explore new things, and who knows it will give you new insights. Victoria is also a bona fide designer now, remember?

  • Try to have fun

There is no point in having too much stress over some tiny little details you are not gonna remember years from now. So what if the color of the roses is slightly pinky-er than pink or if the sash is supposed to satin and not chiffon? Just be in the moment, try not to panic, and enjoy your day.

  • Don’t forget to take a break

The to-do list for your wedding arrangements can go on and on and on… until it becomes a boring job, and you get cranky and take it out on everyone else (mostly on your bridesmaids). Go out every now and then to get massage, afternoon tea with your fiancé, or even just read a non wedding-related book or magazine at your free time.

  • Be prepared.

You know nothing is perfect, and something is going to go wrong. Expect it to happen so that when it really happens on the day, you can just get over it. If you are not ready to settle for less than a perfect wedding day, you are setting yourself up for a Bridezilla meltdown. Besides, you can’t have fun when you are freaking out about tiniest detail that doesn’t even matter. Just hope for the best and Bali Exotic Wedding team will take care of the rest.

  • Hire a wedding planner

The sure way to avoid becoming a Bridezilla is with hiring a Wedding Planner. Planning this and that for your wedding arrangements is surely tiring and stressful– You have to meet the florist today, the band is only available tomorrow night, and food tasting next Tuesday– right before your fitting. Bali Exotic Wedding is one of the most experienced wedding organizers in Bali. We are well-trained and we mastered the art of planning a wedding. With our help, you would not have to do it all alone. At least, we can help you make sure that everything is up to your standards.

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